ABOUT THE “Laboratory of Experimentation and Creation of the Landscape” [ PJLab ]


PJLab has been created during the academic course 2015 like an Educational Association intended to make possible the practise of construction and the spatial experience in those young professionals and students inside that field who still did not have the opportunity of trying by theirself the effects of this activity over the environment and its consequences at personal and cognitive level.


The Director of the “Laboratory of Experimentation and Creation of the Landscape” is the PhD Architect JMiguel Reyes Gonzalez and its Coordinator is the Architect Álvaro Fernandez Rodríguez. The Director and the Coordinator have vast experience in this field.  reyesJM has been building installations and removable architectures for more than 30 years and Alvaro FR has been in charge of several workshops for professional formation for young trainees as Technical Architect (being currently director of arqTEK-studio). Among the activities of the Director we can point out his beginnings as assistant of JM de Prada Poole in USA for the assembly of land-art components or the most recently won competition to design and build the entrances for the area of the international competition SolarDecathlon-europe-10 held in Madrid. From this path there are other performances in Retiro park in Madrid (for UROC theatre), ARCO and CONSTRUTEC (IFEMA), the Burjasot in Valencia (with MATAM-tu), o the participation in restricted competitions for the EXPO`92 of Seville. Furthermore, the publication of several books dedicated to lightweight construction and flexible architecture. All this commitment is driven to an educational activity that he develops as lecturer in the postgraduate course “Transitory Installations” in the ETSAM-UPM, in Architectural Design at the University Alfonso X el Sabio and as a professional with two polyvalent rooms published among his work.


To get the main target, PJLab is complemented by the collaboration and support of the City Council of Las Naval del Marqués and by known commercial brands. These brands have been clearly referenced in “Collaborators” in this web and it is composed of manufacturers with a wide catalogue of products which may be framed inside the denomination of “open industrialization” inside the UE. These catalogues have been homologated regarding criteria from the UEAtc and are compatibles between them to allow their easy assemble in dry construction. A construction made by elements without using water, it doesn’t generate wastage and it is easy to dismantle when needed. These buildings pursue a high grade of sustainability.


On the other hand, the City Council of Las Naval del Marqués has a long tradition in supporting culture and environment demonstrated in its previous activities of promoting journeys and seminars in summer dedicated to music, painting or the installation of sculpture sets in its nearby forests. With all of that, the City Council hasn’t doubted to lend some of its installations and resources for the good development of PJLab.


A part from this logistics and administrative organization, teaching is supported in every course by outstanding university lecturers at international level in very close relation the activity we are proposing or to the area they perform. During the development of the competition, these professors will assist to conferences and round tables where enrolled participants take part.


From all of this, it is our hope that the theoretical formation of the participants to the SUMMER WORKSHOP organised by PJLab stays widely supplemented by the personal experience of the participants in the construction of their own proposal or other winning proposal with the best of honesty.