PJLab calls out for submissions with the final purpose of choosing the proposal which will be materialized in the SUMMER WORKSHOP starting straight away after the results of the competition.


This call out aims to accommodate in Risco de los dineros an “Observatory for environment and nature contemplation” that, within its environment, may be used has a reference point, hosting, contemplation or rest. One of the main premises of the performance is to be the most respectful as possible with the surrounding environment and, at the same time, helps to enhance its perceptive potential.


Before the dead-line, two symposiums will take place between the participants and the organizers in Las Navas del Marqués with different aims: introduction to the official competition and calls for round tables with guest lecturers, to attend directly concerns from the participants, to visit the location and to add other referents on the territory.


The decision of the jury will be known the following day after the dead-line for submissions. Immediately after it will take place a critical session open to all participants. The SUMMER WORKSHOP will be inaugurated once every participant understands the convenience of the wining proposal to be built, especially for those admitted in the course (alls these meetings and activities will take place in different rooms of the Cultural Area CAJA of Ávila lent by the City Council of Las Navas del Marqués).