PJLab is a laboratory for spatial experimentation which activity is based in the formation of its participants from two sides:


                          The real construction of designed sectors and the real intervention in the environment

Collaboration of public and private agents makes possible PJLab and supports with the needed materials and places where to act. Our activity is addressed to students and young professionals of Architecture, Fine Arts, Landscape and Forest engineering whose aim is to step over their own proposals and to enjoy the experience of constructing a real project.


The process to achieve that target enters different stages consisting in: Call out for an INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION OF IDEAS///International jury of known prestige to choose the best proposal to be built ///development and workshop fabrication of wining proposal. Participants will attend a 3 weeks SUMMER WORKSHOP in the town of LAS NAVAS DEL MARQUES /// assembling of fabricated parts, verifications and enjoyment of the process.


The exceptional landscape chosen is the perfect allied to discover the properties and performance of space from the beginning, and also to learn how to protect and enhance its attributes. These proposals will be forced to target a high level of intellect and aesthetic. Practical formation, culture and environment are the bases in which PJLab is supported to launch this innovative idea inside the academic field. It is our hope for this program to be welcomed for those young professionals to who is driven to.





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